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Peanuts x Chinstudio

Chinstudio launched a limited Peanuts inspired collection of apparel, home goods, gift and stationery to build excitement and showcase a simple yet fashionable product offering to millions of young trend-conscious fans of the brand.

Chinstudio is one of the biggest online influencer-driven brands in China, created and promoted by Cherie Zhu, who has over 6 million followers on Weibo. With the rise of influencer marketing in China, Wanghong or Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) have become extremely powerful and instrumental in most marketing campaigns in China. CAA-GBG wanted to partner Peanuts with such influencers to build the brand image online and to better resonate with the young adult audience.

The first collection of 10 styles was launched exclusively on Chinstudio’s online store. Collaboration was heavily promoted to the 6 million followers of Cherie on Weibo, including the info of launch date and time.