League of Legends X Rhinoshield

CAA-GBG has officially partnered League of Legends with, global industry leading mobile phone case brand, Rhinoshield. These co-branded collections capture Leagues of Legends fantastic universe and elevates the in-game campions.

Tapping into Leagues 140+ Champions, Rhinosheild’s unique platform allows consumers to customise their cases to feature their favourite champion. Customisation also offers different colours, device types as well as different backgrounds.

The first collection launched, celebrated Riot’s launch of Leagues of Legends: Wild Rift. Authentically celebrating the first mobile game launched by League on Android and iOS, with a case partner to protect players phones whilst playing remotely.

The awaited second collection is for core League of Legends, launched, fulfilling the needs of players and fans to get hold of quality products showing off their favourite Champions. This collection also expands to AirPod cases!


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