F1 Fragrances

To leverage the sports heritage and principles to build a unique collection of fragrances that merges a highly legitimate approach to the perfume world with the core values of Formula 1®. Partnering Formula 1® with Designer Parfums to be the first fragrance brand to utilise 3D printing, highlighting and elevating the key advanced technological of the Formula 1® sport. Creating an inclusive unisex fragrance collection, tiered to target multiple levels of audiences.



The Luxury Collection consisting of 3 Limited Edition bottles designed by Designer, Ross Lovegrove was the first to launch with an activation in the Paddock Club at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The following season, The Engineered Collection launched as an online exclusive. The F1® Fragrance Engineered Collection has one aerodynamic bottle design at its core. Suspended within each of the 3D printed technopolymeric resin exoskeletons in which the bottle is housed and is interchangeable for each fragrance. The bottle is inspired by the elegant lines of the F1 car chassis creating a dynamic product and user experience. Available in 5 different fragrances created by 5 different perfumers. The scents themselves are designed to take fans on a sensory journey through a thrilling race, fusing next-generation ingredients with classic materials – resulting in innovative, daring perfumes, inspired by the passion, advanced technology, and glamour of Formula 1.

‘Precious Mettle’ is described as ‘a fresh, intense, woody fragrance with a metallic twist that represents the courageousness required from drivers as they line up on the grid’, whilst ‘Turn 1’ is ‘an avantgarde composition, with inimitable accords of burning rubber and rain on salty asphalt, honouring the performance and determination of powering through the first corner’. Neeeum White’ is a tribute to the fearlessness of F1 heroes as they reach the final straight; a ‘confident fragrance with a daring cocktail of spices, contrasting hot black pepper with the coolness of juniper’. Finally, ‘Carbon Reign’ – created to replicate the sense of victory – captures ‘a vibrant and energetic scent built around a champagne accord, dry amber and woods’.

Supported with a striking launch campaign that brings together the DNA of design, innovation, advanced technology, heritage & story telling, passion & emotion to the forefront. The F1® Fragrance collections delivers an innovative, inimitable luxury designed product that tells the of the brand from track to podium and everything in between.